Posted on Oct 14, 2020

Protection Plus Security Townsville

Security Tips to Help You Stay Safe
Are you worried about burglaries in your area?

Are they on the increase?

Most of us are worried about coming home and finding that it has been ransacked, that our high value goods and valuables are missing.

It’s just the same if you are a business owner.

You open up your premises and find stock gone or expensive equipment stolen. It doesn’t matter where you live or work.

Most burglaries are opportunistic. The criminals see a likely target and break in, without a great deal of planning. Are you hesitant to contact a security company because you think it is too expensive?

If you are, at Protection Plus Security NQ we would like to remind you of some simple, but often forgotten security tips to help you stay safe, and protect your home or business.

One simple and effective measure is leaving lights on when you leave your house or business.

Well lighted homes and surrounding areas will deter many casual burglars. Of course, this will add to your energy bills, but that is better than being robbed.

One easy measure you can take for your security is to buy timing devices for your lights.

You can set them to turn on and turn off your lights at programmed times.

Surprisingly enough, many burglaries occur because people forget to lock up correctly.

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